Verka Serduchka withdraws from the Ukrainian selection

by Alexandru Busa 147 views

The runner-up of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, Verka Serduchka, will not be taking part in this year's Ukrainian selection. The National Television Company of Ukraine has officially confirmed the news and elected Pavlo Tabakov to fulfill the panel of 35 candidates who are fighting for the lucky ticket for Düsseldorf.

The Eurovision fever arrived in the proud capital of the Ukraine as the preselection shows for next year's Europe favourite TV show are ongoing in the Dovzhenko film studios. A number of 35 performers will be fighting for the chance to represent theyoung Eastern European country at the 56th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Although it was announced as one of the elected candidates, Verka Serduchka will not be taking part in the selection because of the busy schedule of the popular Ukrainian act.

Moreover, the draw for the running order of the semi-finals, already took place on12 October and it looks like this :

Semifinal 1

  • El Kravchuk
  • Zaklyopki
  • Inna Voronova
  • Yakiv Smyrnov
  • Christina Kim
  • Zhemchoog
  • Dariya Medova

Semifinal 2

  • Para Normal'nyh
  • Ivan Berezovskiy
  • Mika Newton
  • Eduard Romanyuta
  • Shanti
  • Metropolitain
  • Bahroma

Semifinal 3

  • A.R.M.I.Y.A
  • Matias
  • Shanis
  • Vitaliy Galai
  • Arina Domski
  • Olena Korneeva
  • Oleksiy Kvarta

Semifinal 4

  • Anastasiya Pryhod'ko
  • Zlata Ognevich
  • Mila Nitich
  • Vladislav Levitskiy
  • Dash
  • Nataliya Pugatchova

Semifinal 5

  • Jamala
  • Denis Povaliy
  • Masha Sobko
  • Tanya Vorzheva
  • Maxim Novyts'kiy
  • Vroda
  • Pavlo Tabakov

As has previously announced, the Ukrainiannationalfinal for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest will take place on February 26th and 27th and it will consist of 15 acts whom are going to qualify for the big event.

The 2011 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will be hosted by the city of Düsseldorf.