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Eurovision winner Niamh Kavanagh spoke in an exclusive interview with esctoday.com. The Irish singer is in Malta and yesterday she performed during the popular TV show Bla Agenda hosted by Norman Hamilton on One TV. The two time Irish representative spoke about her experience in the Eurovision Song Contest and what are her future plans.

Niamh Kavanagh who recently performed for the first time with Mr. Eurovision Johnny Logan said that it was an amazing experience to sing with the Irish star. She spoke about the changes the Eurovision Song Contest passed through. Kavanagh said that the Eurovision Song Contest should keep moving on. She said that the introduction of the semi-finals in the contest made it fairer.

The 1993 Eurovision winner referred to her wonderful experiences that the Eurovision environment brought her. In particular she mentioned the UK Eurovision preview party and the promo weekend held in Brussels. Niamh Kavanagh said that this permitted her to meet other artists in a more relaxed setting. Asked about the fact that recently Ireland did not score high in the contest it won seven times, she said that Ireland do not have neighbours like other countries that naturally embrace each other because of their cultural backgrounds.

Singing is a business but you must do it because you love it, said this year’s Irish representative. Niamh Kavanagh said that she never rules out certain possibilities but it is unlikely to see her back as a singer in the Eurovision Song Contest. “The competition is featuring young artists which is a good thing to keep it fresh”, said Kavanagh.

Niamh Kavanagh won with the song In Your Eyes in 1993 but this year though she qualified her entry It’s For You ended up in the 23rd place in the final held in Oslo.

Watch the full interview below, a special thanks to Claudio Cilia for filming this interview.

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