The Netherlands: Anouk musically welcomes Spring

by Roy Knoops 491 views

Anouk surprised viewers of the Dutch weather report with her new single Lente (Spring), a musical ode to the season.

Last evening’s viewers of the weather report on channel RTL4 were in for a surprise, as they not only saw the charming Amara Onwuka declaring the beginning of Springtime, but also Anouk was in the studio to officially welcome the season.

Anouk sang her latest Dutch-language song Lente (Spring), in which she brings an ode to Springtime, a tribute to the growth of light, love and warmth after the grey and cold of Winter. The song is yet another departure from the singers’ iconic rock style, showing her versatility as an artist.

Anouk already announced the song on her official Facebook page:

The artist is currently working on her first Dutch-language album, which will be released in due time.

Anouk represented the Netherlands with her dark ballad Birds at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. She reached a respectable 9th place in the Grand Final, receiving 114 points.