Latvia: Lauris Reiniks goes multi-lingual

by Aija Medinika 81 views

Lauris Reiniks, known to Eurovision fans as one of F.L.Y. Singers representing Latvia at Eurovision Song Contest 2003 and author of I wish I could pretend, the runner up song at Irish National Final 2009, has released his summer hit Es Skrienu in Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and English, and is open to more exciting lingual challenges.

The Latvian lyrics of Es skrienu have been created in a cooperation with another Latvian Eurovision personality, Martins Friemanis who also was a part of F.L.Y. and his song The war is not over represented Latvia at ESC 2005. After releasing the song and official video in Latvian, the experimental Estonian version (Ma jooksen) was completed and it hit Raadio Elmar chart in no time. The obvious follow up was recording the song titled as As Begu and adapting the official video to the Lithuanian audiences. Latvian and Lithuanian are the only two living Baltic languages while Estonian belongs to Uralic languages and is similar to Finnish.

The Latvian video was posted on YouTube and it reached the honorable 16th position as the most popular video of the day, but during the week it secured the 82nd place among the world's most watched ones.

After the snowball effect success of the song in the Baltic coutnries, by the helping hand of Thomas G:son the English version I will run has been released. During the EMI Publishing meeting in Riga the song was presented to the representatives of the participating countries which have expressed their liking and interest in it. The representatives of the record companies are surprised about Reiniks' skills and abilities to sing in other languages sounding almost like a native thus more linguistic challenges might be expected in near future for Lauris Reiniks.

Lauris Reiniks- I Will Run