Albania: Eurostars to take part in Kenga Magjike

by Gafurr Sahiti 141 views

There are only 3 months to go until Festivali i Kenges, the Albanian festival through which the country's representative in the Eurovision Song Contest is selected, but these days in Albania everyone's attention is focused on Kenga Magjike 2010. Several Eurostars will take part in the 12th edition of this hugely popular musical event.

The festival Kënga Magjike was created by singer, composer and host, Ardit Gjebrea, the man behind the Albanian entry 2010 It’s all about you. Kënga Magjike began airing in 1999 and now it is one the biggest musical events in Albania. It attracts many famous Albanian artists from over the world and international composers.

While nobody has officially confirmed their participation in Festivali i Këngës 49, we already knowthe artists that will take part in Kënga Magjike 2010. The organizer of this eventhas published todaythe list of the 56 participants for the 12th edition of Kënga Magjike 2010. Popular Eurostars are taking part this year in Kënga Magjike.

Juliana Pasha (Albania 2010) will compete in a duet with Luiz Ejlli (Albania 2006). Olta Boka (Albania 2008) will take part again in this year after her successful participation in the last edition. Adrian Gaxha, who represented FYR Macedonia with Tamara and Vrcak at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest will return to Kënga Magjike after 6 years. Toegether with them, many well known names from the Albanian national final will take part in this festival.

The 56 selected songs will be heard in advance by the public at home and they will be narrowed down to 40 by televoting. These songs will compete in the 2 semi-finals and only 20 songs will make it to the final.

The 12th edition of Kënga Magjike 2010 will take part on 17th, 18th and 19th November. Different broadcasters around the Balkan areawill air the popular music event.

Here are some songs from the previous Kënga Magjike.