Norway: Alexander Rybak wins Melodi Grand Prix 2018!

by Jessica Weaver 4,917 views

Will it be yet another fairytale ending for Norway? Alexander Rybak has won the country’s national final, Melodi Grand Prix, and will represent Norway at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest!

This evening saw a total of 10 acts competing for the right to represent Norway at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, including 3 returning Eurovision participants: Stella Mwangi (2011), Aleksander Walmann (2017) and 2009 winner, Alexander Rybak.

Tonight’s winner was determined via a combined public and international jury vote, but what was the final outcome of this evening’s show?

From 10 to 4

In a change to typical Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) tradition, tonight’s winner was determined in 3 rounds.

Round 1 saw the first 10 artists competing, with only 4 advancing to the Gold Final round of the national final. The top marks of each jury member’s favourite was revealed individually, with the qualifiers being unveiled after.

Tonight’s Gold Finalists were the following:

  • Stella & AlexandraYou got me
  • Aleksander WalmannTalk to the hand
  • RebeccaWho we are
  • Alexander RybakThat’s how you write a song

All 3 former Eurovision acts advanced to the Gold Final together with Rebecca’s entry Who we are, written by the country’s 2015 representative, Mørland.

The final 2

A short televote took place for round 2 following the announcement of the Gold Finalists, with the hosts of MGP revealing the artists which received the highest amount of votes. They were Rebecca and Alexander Rybak.

Round 3 saw the public vote for their favourite of the top 2 once again, with the artist receiving the highest percentage of the final vote going on to represent Norway at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

And so it was decided! Alexander Rybak will return to the Eurovision stage in Lisbon with his song, That’s how you write a song.

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