Roundup: Dates and names for 2011 known so far

by Marcus Klier 58 views

As the first live show of the national final season for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 will be held next Friday, we will take a look at the name and dates of the upcoming season known so far.


Already in December 2009, it was announced that the Cpyriot entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 will be chosen through a new talent search. The final of Performance will be held next Friday, 10th September. Nine performers have qualified:

  • Marios Charalambous
  • Costa Ioannides
  • Christos Milordos
  • Daphne Seisou
  • Nicole Nikolaidou
  • Louis Panagiotou
  • Annita Skoutela
  • Stella Stylianou
  • Malvina Charalambidi


The Belgian national selection will kick off on 1st October with an online qualifying round. RTBF and Akamusic will launch a website, where music artists can upload their songs. All entries have to be written in English or French by Belgian songwriters. Until 31st December, page visitors can give financial support in order to make the professional production of their respective favourite song possible. All songs that gahered at least 20,000 € will qualify for the second stage of the national selection, where the eventual winner will be chosen by a jury and members of the public. All people who donated money to songs other than the winning one will be reimbursed.


The first Swiss national final since 2004 will be held on 11th December with ten acts competing. Before the final, there will be an online qualifying round in November. Seven songs will be chosen by internet voting and a jury while another three radio wildcards will be given out. The eventual winner will be chosen by televoting.


Once again, a national final will be held to select the Greek entrant for Eurovision. The contestants will be revealed in December.


NRK decided to stick to the national final format used in previous years. The five shows of MGP 2011 will most likely be held on 15th, 22nd and 29th January as well as 5th and 12th February. Songs can be submitted until 15th September. The qualifiers are expected to be announced shortly after the deadline.


Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2011 will be held in February. Songs can be submitted until 27th September.


35 acts have qualified through a casting process in Ukraine. They will be reduced to 15 finalists in December. The national final will be held on 27th February.


3Js have been confirmed to represent the Netherlands in Germany. Their song will be chosen during a national final out of five submissions by a jury and televoting.


2010 Eurovision Song Contest winner Lena Meyer-Landrut has announced that she wants to represent Germany again on homeground. Although this statement has been reported on the official German website, a confirmation by the broadcaster is still being awaited. The song would most likely be chosen in a national final.


Changes have been announced for Swedish Melodifestivalen when it comes to the selection of the songs. However, the frame is expected to remain with four semi finals, a second chance round and a final in between February and March.