TOP TEN: No. 7 and 6

by Marcus Klier 81 views

The 13th TOP TEN list continues today with the places 7 and 6 being announced. As revealed on Saturday, this week's topic are the TOP TEN surprising winners.

The list features Eurovision Song Contest winning performers or songs that were not consideredf favourites for first place before the contest. As reliable information on pre-contest media reports is only available since the introduction of the preview videos in 1971, only entries of the last 39 years are considered. It is regarded how much an entry was of a favourite at the time it took part, so "retrospective" surprises are not considered. The following criteria were included in the ranking:

  1. Betting odds
  2. Media predictions
  3. Reactions by the audience in the hall and the commentators
  4. Reactions after the victory
  5. Commercial success of an entry compared to the success of other songs that year

So here we start…

No. 7 – Lordi with Hard rock hallelujah (Finland 2006)

The clear winners of the Finnish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 were Lordi with their song Hard rock hallujah. Performing in monster masks and with pyrotechnics on stage it was one of the most discussed choices of the year. It is often considered the first hard rock song in the contest, although die hard fans of the genre might say that it is in fact a pop song disguised as hard rock. Never having won and never having been in the top five, Finland was still not considered a top favourite for winning with betting odds between 1-10 and 1-12, although it was expected that Finland would qualify for the final the first time giving them a chance to achieve their first top ten placing since 1989. The top favourite of the year was the host country Greece, which was seen on top for the third year in a row. However, after the semi final, Sweden was suddenly the top favourite for winning according to the bookmakers. Other favourites that year were Romania and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

FInland qualified from the semi final and delivered a spectacular stage show in the final. When the voting started, Finland got eight points from Slovenia and went straig to top after getting ten from Andorra. Lordi stayed on top of the scoreboard until the end of the show eventually getting the trophy from a slightly nervous Helena Paparizou. Later it was announced that Finland had already won the semi final.

Hard rock hallelujah was a hit in Europe reaching the top ten of the single chats in at least ten countries. In Finland it was a number one hit and in Germany, it was certified gold for sales exceeding 150,000 copies. In the United Kingdom it was the most successful winning song in a long time peaking at number 25.

No. 6 – Herreys with Diggi-loo, diggi-ley (Sweden 1984)

The Swedish Melodifestival in 1984 saw a trio winning. Herreys brought a song to Luxembourg, which would be known for its strange lyrics and the golden boots the singers wore while performing it. Part of the team behind the entry already had had Eurovision experience as lyricist Britt Lindeborg had already written the lyrics to the 1969 Swedish entry. Ten years after Abba, the Swedish contributions had lost attention and Sweden was not considered a top favourite for winning, especially as the draw position was number one. After the performance, UK commentator Terry Wogan called the entry "by no means the worst start to a Eurovision" he had seen.

When the voting began, Sweden started with no points as they were the first country to give their votes. Ireland got the first twelve, but no clear winner could be seen as Ireland, Spain and Denmark were all at the top of the scoreboard at some points. After Denmark had voted, Sweden was in first position for the first time and they would stay there until the very end eventually beating Ireland into second place.

Most people might not remember that Diggi-loo, diggi-ley was actually a small hit in Europe reaching the top five of the charts in Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden as well as the top ten in Switzerland.

Tomorrow, we will introduce no. 5 and 4 on the list.