Girls and boys in green and red everywhere

by Sietse Bakker 312 views

The girls and boys in green and red… everybody knows them in the press centre of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003. Most voluntary students are here to assist the press, others are present to guide the 26 delegations of the participating countries.

The girls and boys in green are walking around the press centre all the time to assist the press with special requests, to solve minor problems, to answer everybody's questions and much more.

Ingars Andzevs, one of the boys in green, told us how he came here: “Latvian television started a kind of competition amongst students. Only those who were able to speak English during a short interview got through the selection.”.

Sandra Kropa, a girl in green herself, and Gints Stasars, boy in green, told about those with red shirts: “Those with red shirts are delegation assistants, the green ones are not. The delegation assistants should speak the language of the delegation, although for some languages they couldn't find one”. We already found out that, for example, the Dutch delegation assistant doesn't speak the language.

One of the girls in red told a funny anecdote at the reception of the mayor: “All delegation assistants are girls, except the assistant for the Croatian delegation, which is a boy. The Croatian delegation leader was quite surprised about that and I don't know if he was either pleasantly surprised or disappointed”, she said.

The boys and girls, all aged around 18-20, work voluntary during the whole Eurovision week to make everybody feel comfortable. Great compliments from!

Watch some photos of girls and boys in green!

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