Belgium: It’s A Matter of Time for Sennek in Lisbon!

by Roy Knoops 2,050 views

The veil has been lifted off the Belgian Eurovision 2018 entry by young SENNEK: A matter of time!

From being the first confirmed artist for Eurovision 2018 back in September to one of the final acts to reveal their entry: SENNEK, stage name of upcoming artist Laura Groeseneken, was all set to present her song for Lisbon in the radio show De Grote Peter Van De Veire Ochtendshow, hosted by Peter van de Veire, on Tuesday morning 6 March.

However, her song came up online earlier, emerging for the world to enjoy.

Her entry is titled A matter of time, a song with a mysterious note that fits SENNEK’s appearant fragile, yet powerfully warm, personality and voice. The song is reminiscent of James Bond-soundtracks and tells how people shape their own destiny, against all odds. Eventually, all will fall in place, it’s just a matter of time.

SENNEK is excited about her entry and will hopefully do her country proud on the Lisbon stage.

Enjoy the music video of A matter of time, released on the official YouTube channel!

Here are SENNEK’s first words regarding her Eurovision song and participation:

What an amazing feeling to be doing this with my own song. It’s been a fantastic experience to be able to collaborate with Alex and Maxime, two very talented artists. To get to share ideas and opinions until we finally managed to come up with a composition that everyone is proud of. The song fits me like a glove: the melancholy feeling, the vocals, the contrast between dark and light… And I think a song’s message is so important for its potential to reach people.

SENNEK will perform A matter of time in the 1st half of the dirst semi-final on 8 May.

Best of luck to SENNEK and Belgium at Eurovision 2018!


Born in 1990 in the city of Leuven (or Louvain), the creative Laura Groeseneken is also a graphic designer and works as a visual merchandiser at IKEA, besides being a vocal coach at music center Het Depot in Leuven.

Apart from being a vocalist, Laura plays the melodica, piano and keyboard.

Under the nickname Lola, Laura Groeseneken has collaborated with the dubstep and electropop DJ-collective AKS (Addicted Kru Sound), delivering vocals for some of their compositions.

Since 2014, Laura is a regular vocalist and keyboard player in the band of well-known Belgian musician Ozark Henry (Piet Goddaer), impressing the audience with her powerful voice. And together with Alex Callier of the popular band Hooverphonic she wrote the song Gravity.

Laura Groeseneken has been working on her solo career, using the stage name Sennek; derived from her surname.

What’s your opinion on the 2018 Belgian entry?