TOP TEN: Those that didn't make it

by Marcus Klier 79 views

The ninth TOP TEN list was presented this week. Now we will provide a complete overview and we will show you the fallen favourites that were the closest to making the list. Furthermore, the topics of the next two weeks will be revealed.

This is the full top ten:

  1. Marlain with Tha 'ne erotas (Cyprus 1999)
    …finishing 22nd among 23 contestants
  2. Xandee with 1 life (Belgium 2004)
    …finishing 22nd among 24 contestants in the final
  3. Corinna May with I can't live without music (Germany 2002)
    …finishing 21st among 24 contestants
  4. DJ BoBo with Vampires are alive (Switzerland 2007)
    …finishing 20th among 28 contestants in the semi final
  5. Matia Bazar with Raggio di luna (Italy 1979)
    …finishing 15th among 19 contestants
  6. Kate Ryan with Je t'adore (Belgium 2006)
    …finishing 12th among 22 contestants in the semi final
  7. Maywood with Ik wil alles met je delen (Netherlands 1990)
    …finishing 15th among 22 contestants
  8. Nicki French with Don't play that song again (United Kingdom 2000)
    …finishing 16th among 24 contestants
  9. Maxi und Chris Garden with Lied für einen Freund (Germany 1988)
    …finishing 14th among 21 contestants
  10. Harel Skaat with Milim (Israel 2010)
    …finishing 14th among 25 contestants in the final

Fallen favourites that did not make the list

Some acts were tipped to be very likely to win the Eurovision Song Contest but finished lower than expected. Still, they reached a position too high to make list. Among them are Safura (5th place for Azerbaijan in 1010), Baccara (7th place for Luxembourg in 1978), Gina G (8th place for the UK in 1996), Carola (5th place for Sweden in 2006), Rosa (7th place for Spain in 2002), Linda Wagenmakers (13th place for the Netherlands in 2000) and Sigga (12th place for Iceland in 1994).

Fallen fan favourites

This list was about favourites according to the bookmakers and media predcitions. Of course, there were also many fan favourites that did not score too well. One of the most recent examples is the Swedish entry in 2008, as Charlotte Perelli topped almost all fan polls in the internet. The clear top favourites for victory however were the entries from Russia, Ukraine, Greece and Armenia while Sweden's betting odds were constantly around 1-10. The Swedish entries in 2009 and 2010 were also fan favourites but did not do very well in the contest. The 2007 Cypriot entry by Evriki was also loved by the fans but did not even make it past the semi finals. Other fan favourites include Hera Björk (Iceland 2010), Vânia Fernandes (Portugal 2008), Soraya (Spain 2009), Flor-de-Lis (Portugal 2009), Olivia Lewis (Malta 2007) and Javine (United Kingdom 2005).

This concludes our ninth TOP TEN list. Now it is time to reveal the topics for the next two weeks. They will be:

The ranking will feature countries that have taken part more than five times. It will be based on the average relative placing (i.e. the place in the contest compared to the number of participants) a country has achieved since its debut until today. Rules are:

  • Semi final results and final results are counted separately.
  • The qualifiying rounds of 1993 and 1996 will not be considered.
  • In the case of a tie, the country that won more often gets the higher place in the ranking.

An example:

The countries x took part in the contest three times and finished 4th out of 12, 4th out of 16 and 10th out of 20. The average relative placing for x is 36/100, which equals a 9th place among 25 contestants. All average placings will be given compared to 25 countries competing as this is the current number of finalists every year.