Marlain enters EuroVoice

by Cole Lewis 156 views

The representative of Cyprus in the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest, Marlain, is now representing the United Kingdom in a new song contest EuroVoice, which will be held in Athens, Greece on the 23rd and 24th of September 2010.

EuroVoice is a song contest which is open to adults (determined by the laws of the country of representation) with a song no longer than 3min 20secs. The first ever EuroVoice will be held in Athens, Greece in September consisting of 33 countries.

The United Kingdom will be represented by Greek born, Marlain Angelidou, who represented Cyprus, with Tha'ne Erotas,in the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Jerusalem, Israel. Marlain ended 22nd in the Eurovision Song Contest with 2 points, these points came from the United Kingdom, the country in which Marlain will represent in EuroVoice 2010.

Marlain will sing Rejection in Athens, the song that she intered into the Cypriot final for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, which recieved top marks from the jury, although only reached 5th in the televote, finally ending 3rd with a total of 84 points.

Marlain won the online round of EuroVoice which acts as a National Final and gained the opportunity to represent the United Kingdom.

EuroVoice will be broadcast online, as well as selected TV channels on the 23rd and 24th ofSeptember 2010. The winner of the contest will receive €100,000. As well as the most 'active fan' will receive €50,000.

Marlain Rejection