The Netherlands: Waylon reveals song #4; That’s how she goes

by Roy Knoops 1,382 views

Waylon presented his fourth potential Eurovision 2018 entry.

Waylon‘s week in De wereld draait door, each weekday between 19.00 and 20.00 CET on channel NPO 1, is moving along nicely. This evening, the Dutch artist performed his fourth potential song for Lisbon 2018: That’s how she goes.

Waylon already presented three other possible entries, the title track of his forthcoming album The world can waitOutlaw in Em and Back together:

Tomorrow evening it’s time for the final song to be revealed, Thanks but no thanks. And Friday 2 March 2018 is the big unveiling, as Waylon will announce which song out of the five he has chosen to perform at Eurovision 2018!

Waylon’s song presentation schedule

  • 23/02: Song #1
  • 26/02: Song #2
  • 27/02: Song #3
  • 28/02: Song #4
  • 01/03: Song #5
  • 02/03: Official Dutch Eurovision 2018 entry presentation