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The sixth esctoday.com TOP TEN list continues today with another ten questions of our special trivia quiz. You can read below how to take part!

This is how the quiz will work:

If you want to take part you have to register as a participant. To do that, you have to send us an Email through the contact centre here. Please put the words Quiz registration as subject and pick News to report under concerning (otherwise the registration won't work!).

As a message, please tell us a nickname (this one has not to be identical with your esctoday.com user name), a secret codeword (to avoid someone else submitting answers under your name) and a valid (!) Email address.

To give the quiz kind of a frame, the questions are about the ten countries that had the most entries in the Eurovision Song Contest: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain and Finland. (Portugal and Ireland had as many entries as Finland but as Finland had the earlier debut, we decided to put that country in the top ten). About each country there will be five questions so there will be 50 questions in total. The ranking is based on how hard the questions are! The easiest questions is worth one point, the hardest question is worth 50 points. Of course, we expect you to use the internet to solve the questions!

You can submit your answers via the contact form above until the next day, 12:00 CET. Please always put Quiz answers as subject and pick News to report under concerning. As a message, tell us your nickname and your codeword as well as your answers to the questions. The answers to the previous questions will always be revealed the next day. A full ranking with all contestants (including the winners of course) will be shown next Saturday.

You can still register!

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Update: The question worth 50 points now includes an additional (small) hint.

No. 1 – Five questions about France in the Eurovision Song Contest

  1. This year, it was heavily discussed whether it was fair that the Ukrainian broadcaster was granted a delay to submit a new song for the Eurovision Song Contest. The reactions were more mild when France was once granted a new deadline after a song had already been chosen. When was that and why did the French broadcaster ask for a delay?

    This question is worth 38 points.

  2. French singer Séverine won the Eurovision Song Contest for Monaco in 1971. The same year, she had also taken part in the internal national selection of France. What was the title of her song?

    This question is worth 41 points.

  3. It is very hard to find recording of 1950s national finals. Therefore, the hearts of some Eurovision fans might have started beating a bit faster when recently the French national finals of 1957 and 1958 had been rediscovered in the archives. The 1958 national final, which led to the country's first victory, is remarkable both for the selection format and the fact that the interval act of the programme (which only lasted about half an hour) was performed by a very famous French singer. He or she sang a song, which was also recorded by André Claveau. What is his or her name?

    This question is worth 50 points.

  4. Which French entry was the only one that did not include a single word in French?

    This question is worth 47 points.

  5. The second French entry in 1956, Il est là, was never recorded by Dany Dauberson, who performed the song in Lugano. However, it was recorded by another French entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest in different, slower version. Who is it?

    This question is worth 48 points.


No. 3 – Five questions about Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest

  1. In 1998, the Norwegian entry was performed in English in the national final but it had to be performed in Norwegian in the international final in Birmingham.

    This question was worth 30 points.
  2. She is the only lead singer who finished last twice.

    This question was worth 24 points.
  3. She was the first female artists wearing trousers and the first female singer playing a musical instrument on stage.

    This question was worth 34 points.
  4. They were Agnetha and Anni-Frid of Abba.

    This question was worth 36 points.

  5. In 2005, when she co-wrote the song My heart is home for her former husband Jahn Teigen.

    This question was worth 42 points.

No. 2 – Five questions about Germany in the Eurovision Song Contet

  1. The correct answer here is 1990, when the song Wieder zusamm' by Kennzeichen D featured a vocie impersonator of then chancellor Helmut Kohl. As the question implied, it was not the last time as in 2003, the song Alles wird gut was performed by an impersonator of chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

    This question was worth 49 points.

  2. We were looking Mary Roos in 1972, who delivered an uneven vocal performance. She did not win the first round and she never expected to win, and she was already removing her make-up during the voting. However, she managed to win in the second round, which was considered unfair by the audience. It took her very long to return to the stage and as she was running, she was out of breath and her vocal performance during the reprise was even weaker. Of course, things went much better in Edinburgh that year. Wyn Hoop allegedly received boos from the audience in 1960, a year no recording has survived of. Of course, we will count that answer as well.

    This questions was woth 43 points.
  3. In 1979, the German entry was introduced by a famous scene of the story Max & Moritz.

    This question was worth 45 points.

  4. In 2004, the compilation included the song Right here performed by Masha. The song was a possible wildcard but would had to enter the top 20 of the single charts by the day that the national final was held, which it did not manage to do. As the compilation CD was already produced before, the song was still included.

    This question was worth 46 points.

  5. The people we were looking for are actually the expert jury which was supposed to choose the German entry that year. Their decision was supposed to be based on a rating by the listeners of a radio channel. The jury refused to vote as they thought that none of the songs was good enough. Therefore, the broadcaster decided to send Ireen Sheer, who was the favourite among the listeners, to Paris. The jury was not happy with the decision and threatened to sue the broadcaster over that decision.

    This question was worth 44 points.

Tomorrow, we will reveal the last answers as well as the Top 50. The deadline for tomorrow will be extended to 16:00 CET.

  • You can submit your answers FOLLOWING THE STEPS ABOVE until tomorrow, 16:00 CET.
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