TOP TEN: No. 5 and 4

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The sixth TOP TEN list continues today with another ten questions of our special trivia quiz. You can read below how to take part!

This is how the quiz will work:

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To give the quiz kind of a frame, the questions are about the ten countries that had the most entries in the Eurovision Song Contest: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain and Finland. (Portugal and Ireland had as many entries as Finland but as Finland had the earlier debut, we decided to put that country in the top ten). About each country there will be five questions so there will be 50 questions in total. The ranking is based on how hard the questions are! The easiest questions is worth one point, the hardest question is worth 50 points. Of course, we expect you to use the internet to solve the questions!

You can submit your answers via the contact form above until the next day, 12:00 CET. Please always put Quiz answers as subject and pick News to report under concerning. As a message, tell us your nickname and your codeword as well as your answers to the questions. The answers to the previous questions will always be revealed the next day. A full ranking with all contestants (including the winners of course) will be shown next Saturday.

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No. 5 – Five questions about Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest

  1. In 2005, Switzerland was repreesnted by Estonian band Vanilla Ninja, who brought the country its only top ten result since 1993. The song they performed was called Cool Vibes and it was credited to three songwriters: David Brandes, Jane Tempest and John O'Flynn. While John O'Flynn is a pseudonym of German songwriter Bernd Meinunger, Jane Tempest is a pseudonym of a Swiss songwriter and procuder who scored various hits since the 1990s. What is the birth name of that person?

    This question is worth 22 points.

  2. One time, the Swiss performance in the Eurovision Song Contest was joined by a backing singer who was actually far more famous than the lead singer. Apart from many hit singles, this person is also known for filing a lawsuit against Michael Jackson because of supposed plagiarism. What are the titles of the Michael Jackson song and the song that it was supposedly copied from?

    This question is worth 28 points.

  3. Switzerland not only had a famous backing singer once but also some famous composers. One of them was later credited as a co-writer of a Madonna song. Who is it?

    This question is worth 33 points.

  4. After Celine Dion's victory in 1988, the Eurovision Song Contest 1989 was held in Switzerland. Lolita Morena and Jacques Deschenaux hosted the show in Lausanne. It is known as the contest with longest opening sequence as it took almost 20 minutes until the performance of the first song started. Part of the opening was Celine Dion, who performed Ne partez pas sans moi as well as another song, which premiered that night. This very song marked an important turning point in the singer's career for two reasons. What are they?

    This question is worth 31 points.

  5. Not many of the Swiss entries were major hits. In fact, there was only one Swiss entry that reached the top position on the official sales charts. Which song was that?

    This question is worth 17 points.

No. 4 – Five questions about Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest

  1. The national finals organised by the Flemish broadcaster usually feature an expert jury which either takes part in the voting or ist just giving advice. Often, international artists are invited to be part of the jury. When was the first time that Johnny Logan was part of the Belgian jury?

    This question is worth 39 points.

  2. The Belgian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1983 ended in a disaster. The audience was not happy at all with the runaway winners Pas de Deux and their experimental song Rendez-vous. Its lyrics included only eleven different words. There is only one Eurovision Song Contest entry with less different (!) words. What is its title?

    This question is worth 23 points.

  3. In 1975, Belgium was represented by Ann Christy with the song Gelukkig zijn, which was written by Mary Boduin. She had already written another song for Ann Christy, which took part in a Belgian national final and became a major hit in the Flemish speaking part of Belgium. What was the title of that song?

    This question is worth 32 points.

  4. In some countries some people may still believe that Belgium did not win the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 1986. Why?

    This question is worth 35 points.

  5. Sandra Kim is the only winner for Belgium to date and she appeared in the Congratulations gala celebrating 50 years of Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. She performed a song other than J'aime la vie. Which one was it and what might have been the reason for her performing this very song?

    This question is worth 37 points.


No. 7 – Five questions about the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest

  1. She covered the Frenh entry Oui, oui, oui, oui under the shorter title Oui, oui, oui as well as the UK entry Sing little birdie as Zing kleine vogel as a duet with Henk Scholten.

    This question was worth 25 points.

  2. The writers of the song were Johnny Logan and Andreas Linze. We also accepted just Johnny Logan, as the original article of 2005 about the Dutch national final only mentioned him.

    This question was worth 16 points.

  3. The Spanish spokesperson gave six points to "Holland", which Ingvild Bryn misunderstood for "Poland".

    This question was worth 27 points.
  4. His name is Giel Beelen.

    This question was worth 29 points.
  5. Four of them did: Gerard Joling, Glennis Grace, Edsilia Rombley and Hind Laroussi.

    This question was worth 21 points.

No. 6 – Five questions about Finland in the Eurovision Song Contet

  1. He was the Finnish commentator in 1981 and 1990.

    This question was worth 12 points.
  2. One stamp showed Mr. Lordi, another one showed the whole band Lordi and the third one showed Kirka, Katri Helena, Laila Kinnunen and Marion Rung.

    This questions was woth 40 points.
  3. This was the first (and remains the only time) that a song performed last also finished last. We also accepted the answer that it got the highest number of points for a song placed last at that time in the voting format since 1975.

    This question was worth 19 points.

  4. His name is Vexi Salmi.

    This question was worth 26 points.

  5. Monica Aspelund recorded her 1977 entry Lapponia in Dutch for a commercial of a wood company. The title is Wie isoleren moet neemt purplex platen van Opstalan, roughly translated as Someone who hast to insulate something takes boards from Opstalan.

    This question was worth 15 points.

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