UK: Josh surprises Retro crowd

by Russell Davies 66 views

Last night at the monthly Douze Points Eurovision theme night in the Retro bar in London, this years United Kingdom singer Josh Dubovie made a surprise appearance. The evening had been long in swing with the monthly competition of different songs when suddenly at around 10.30pm Josh appeared unannounced at the Retro bar.

Josh was joined at the Douze Points night with his entourage of backing singers and dancers whom performed on stage with him in Oslo at this year's contest, along with a some of the BBC Oslo Eurovision team. The group had met earlier in London for an reunion party. Also present was Josh's mother and father from Basildon.

After That sounds good to me had been played by Retro Bar DJ Peter Bettles, Josh was invited onto the stage and gave a short interview to Retro Bar host Paul where Josh spoke of how much he had enjoyed his experience at the contest. Josh later gave a special performance for an accapello song to a rapturous applause from the audience. Josh was well received by all the Retro fans and he let many of the fans take photos with him and also chatted with many of them through the evening.

Josh spoke of his busy schedule since his return from Oslo. He has made a number of charity performances in the UK and is booked to perform in several festivals throughout the summer. He revealed that he has been working on composing his owns ongs and said how he was keen to pursue a career as a TV presenter.