New video clip by Giorgos Alkaios

by Marcus Klier 97 views

Giorgos Alkaios, Greek representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, has just released his new video clip promoting his latest single Dos' mou lígo fos (Give me light). The video was shot in super slow motion using a special technique known from major Hollywood pictures.

Giorgos Alkaios has already released 15 studio albums, some of which were certified gold or platinum in Greece. He also wrote and produced songs for other artists, most notably the song Opa opa for Notis Sfaniakis. Not being a major hit in its orginal version, Antique coverd it in 1999 and scored a number one hit.

In the Eurovision Song Contets 2010, he finished second in the first semi final and eighth in the final with the song Opa, composed by himself.

You can watch the new video below: