Croatia: Franka Batelić talks about her Eurovision entry

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Croatia will be represented by Franka Batelic at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Crazy, but fans are yet to hear her song. Here, she talks about her Eurovision entry.

The Croatian hopeful gave an interview recently to Croatian news portal, where she spoke about her forthcoming Eurovision plans and adventure.

You are representing Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, is this your dream come true?

Definitely! As a teenager I watched Toni Cetinski television when he represented us in Eurovision in 1994 and shouted: “So I will, so will I!” I am happy and excited and I can hardly wait for Lisbon.

How was it decided that you will be the Croatian representative?

HRT worked on the selection of performers they wanted to see on the Eurovision stage. They contacted my manager, Siniša Bevand, and he made all the arrangements and presented them to our plans. We have a clear vision from the outset and I’m glad they recognised it.

Did you immediately agree or did you have time to think about it because, although this is a great honour, is also a big responsibility?

Of course, my team and I have been thinking about it a lot before we made the decision. I am aware of the responsibilities and I want to succeed in our goal – to make the whole of Croatia proud.

You are going to perform the song “Crazy”.  The composer, Branimir Mihaljević, has said that he has not yet competed in Eurovision. How would you describe the song?

I really love the song. It is mystical, different and powerful. A song with an attitude.

What was your reaction when you first heard the song?

Branimir and I had three songs we prepared to send to HRT and they were all great, but there was something missing. Branimir gave me the melody he worked at the time, completely unrelated to Eurovision. I went into the studio, with a fictional English text sang the vocal part and bam – magic happened. We knew it was that song we had to go with.

When will the audience hear the first time?

In the coming weeks. The latest production is under way.

Will you shoot a video?

Of course. Sandra Mihaljević and Igor Ivanović are also in charge of the video clip, with which we recorded our last video for the song “With You”. We’ve only just finished that one!

The competition is in May, but have you already begun to prepare?

The preparations are in full swing, at the moment is the most intense phase. There are many important decisions that need to be taken in a very short time so that we can represent Croatia in Lisbon in the best possible way. My whole team and I are perfectionists and we love to have everything poised, without chaos. So it really does work a lot.

Which of your closest ones knew you are a national representative at Eurovision? How did they react?

It was a secret, but my mum, brother and Vedran (her boyfriend). Of course they were delighted because they knew how much it meant to me.

Vedran and your family are your biggest support?


Who will travel to Lisbon with you?

We haven’t talked about it yet.

In recent years, you have often stayed in Moscow, where your boyfriend Vedran Ćorlukla plays for the Lokomotiv football club, what do you think it takes to be happy and successful in a long distance relationship?

Trust, love, understanding. And good wi fi!

Do you think about children? Would you like to experience the magic of motherhood?

Of course, all the time!

What are the business and private plans you want to accomplish this year?

Giving everything I can to make a successful performance at Eurovision 2018, to leave my mark on that stage. And beyond the theme of Eurovision, my biggest wish is to complete the album by autumn.

Croatia will compete in the first semi-final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest on 8 May in Lisbon.

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