Azerbaijan: Safura launches debut album

by Victor Hondal 112 views

Safura, the 2010 Azerbaijani representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, has released her debut album, called It's my war. The album is available for download as well as in stores in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The young singer appeared on the German music channel VIVA to announce the release of her very first musical work, It's my war, available to purchase in music stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, besides the Internet.

Full tracklist of the CD:

  1. Drip drop (Album version)
  2. March on
  3. Runaway
  4. Something bigger
  5. Glass house
  6. From her, from love
  7. Too many times
  8. Gonna let you know (Album version)
  9. Soulless (Album version)
  10. That means you don't
  11. It's my war
  12. Drip drop (St. Destiny Remix) feat. Maverick
  13. Drip drop (Success Remix) feat. Perez & Radomir

Safura – Gotta let you know

Safura – It's my war

Safura represented Azerbaijan in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Drip drop, ending up 5th in the final.