Germany: Satellite to be certified double platinum

by Marcus Klier 99 views

The winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 is eligible to be certified double platinum for sales exceeding 600,000 in Germany. Satellite, written by Julie Frost and John Gordon and performed by Lena Meyer-Landrut is therefore the most sold song by a German artist in seven years. Meanwhile, Lena's debut album My cassette player is to be certified five times gold for sales exceeding 500,000 copies.

Satellite is one of only two songs in the last six years to be certified double patinum in Germany, the other being Lady Gaga's Poker face last year. The last song which received a higher certification was Cher's Believe, which was released in 1998 and certified five times gold in 2004. The last German artist who received a higher certification was season one Pop Idol winner Alexander Klaws, whose debut single Take me tonight was certified five times gold as well.

Satellite was a number one hit in Germany, but it also became a hit in other countries around Europe. In Sweden, the song had already entered the charts before the final of the Eurovision Song Contest and it managed to rise to the top, where it currently stands for the third consecutive week. The song was also a number one hit in Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Denmark as well as a top ten hit in Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands, Hungary and Belgium.

The album My cassette player is currently on top of the German charts for the fourth week in total. It includes the three top ten songs Satellite, Bee and Love me, which Lena had performed in the national final as well as two cover versions of songs she performed in the talent search Unser Star für Oslo. Apart from one song written by Ellie Goulding, all other songs were written by Lena herself and Stefan Raab. The next single to be released off the album is said to be Touch a new day, written by them. On her official website, Lena has announced that she will go on tour. Dates have not been set yet.