Watch now: Show 2 of San Marino’s debut national selection

by Eliza-Jane Oliver 1,166 views

The national selection event to find the 2018 Eurovision representative for San Marino continues tonight with the second show of the competition. This is the second pre-recorded heat show, where each of the 11 contestants will perform acoustically.

How to watch?

The second show of San Marino’s national selection will air from 20:05 CET via the following channels:

The show

San Marino adopted a new approach to their Eurovision entry this year.

The country’s national broadcaster SMRTV, in collaboration with 1 in 360, asked the general public to submit covers and original songs back in October 2017; from over 1000 submissions, they decided on the final 11 entrants on 23 December 2017.

Those 11 finalists then attended a song writing workshop where they worked with producers and song writers to develop songs for the competition, ending up with 15 choices.

The first song for each contestant was performed in Heat 1 last week, and this week they will perform the second of their songs.

At the end of the show tonight, the judging panel, which consists of Zoë Straub, Alessandro Capicchioni , Neon Hitch and Ladislav Kossár, will chose one song for each performer. That song will then be professionally recorded so the public can hear each song before the final.

As with Heat 1, tonights show is hosted by Nick Earles and Kristin Stein.

You can see a teaser for the show below!

The participants

Tonight’s participants and the songs they are performing tonight are below. No one will be eliminated from tonight’s show.

  • BastiStay
  • Camila NorthYo no soy tu chica
  • Emma SandströmHold on
  • Franklin CallejaStay
  • Giovanni MontalbanoImmenso
  • IROL feat. BastiSorry
  • Jenifer Brening Until the morning light
  • JessikaOut of the twilight
  • Judah GavraMoonlight
  • Sara de BlueOut of the twilight
  • Tinashe MakuraFree yourself

Sammarinese selection schedule

  • 09/02: Show 1
  • 16/02: Show 2
  • 03/03: Grand final