Facts and figures from France

by Dominique Dufaut 60 views

With 3,6 million people watching, the Eurovision Song Contest lost more than 2 millions viewers compared to last year's figures, which were excellent, due to Patricia Kaas' participation and high expectations on the result.

Still, the loss is not a failure at all as France 3 is close to France 2 (who broadcasted the final of the national rugby championship). The two national channels beated TF1, which is number one on many Saturday evenings along the year. All in all, it seems that not so many people were in front of a TV set last Saturday, as all figures are low.Kaas brought many reviews before and after the contest in Moscow. This year, articles are usually short, only giving the name of the winner and the place of Jessy Matador, which is considered as "decent".

In Monday's edition of Aujourd'hui / Le Parisien, Nicolas Pernikoff, head of Entertainment at France Télévisions, declares: "We are very happy. Our dream was to reach a market share of 20% and we have 20.9%. I am also happy that the public understands that there are some agreements between fellow countries which vote for each others. We will have a meeting with the organizing committee to try and make it stop".

In the same article, Jessy Matador happily says: "French people said I would come last. Polemics on my African origins were useless. I only wanted to answer with my music and I am proud to bring a bit of my culture to this contest. This is my victory".

Regarding Jessy's song, the physical CD single entered the official sale list this Thursday at number 11, the best entry of the week.Funny and satisfying fact is Lena being on front page of this week's edition of political and economic magazine Le Point. The (very serious) weekly has a 19-pages special on Germany and "why the country works better than the other ones".