Rumours about Russia are “part of the act”

by Sietse Bakker 196 views

Rumours were going around in the press centre that the Russian delegation intended to withdrawl from the contest just hours before Saturday's live show. spoke with a very reliable source about this: it appeared that it's most unlikely and that yesterday's behaviour during the press conference was part of the act.

Julia and Elena behaved completely normal behind the scenes and they were very enthousiastic about the stage, so it seems their behaviour is only part of t.A.T.u. as press“, our source told. During the press conference they said that they were not enthousiastic about the stage at all.

About the rumour that Russia would withdrawl from the contest, our source said that “Russia would really love to win the Eurovision Song Contest, so it's very unlikely they step out before the show. And in any case they do, it would not cause any major proublems (…) then there's just one country less“…

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