Slovenia: EMA 2018 snippets and semi-final running order revealed

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Radio programme Val 202 has presented parts of Slovenia’s EMA 2018 entries. The semi-final running order has also been revealed.

Popular programme Val 202 on Radio Slovenija, part of RTVSLO, welcomed the participants of Slovenia’s Eurovision selection Evrovizijska Melodija (EMA) 2018 in the past week. The artists talked about their entries and revealed snippets of their songs.

You may listen to the EMA 2018 snippets on Val 202’s official Youtube channel.

Video clips of all songs may also be found on the EMAEvrovizija Facebook page. RTVSLO the Slovenian national broadcaster has determined the running order of EMA’s semi-final.

The running order of EMA 2018

  1. AnabelPozitiva
  2. Tanja RibičLjudje
  3. KiNG FOOŽive sanje
  4. INA SHAIV nebo
  5. IndigoVesna
  6. ManuEllaGlas
  7. MILASvoboda
  8. OrterKraljica
  9. Lara KadisZdaj sem tu
  10. BQLPtica
  11. ProperUkraden cvet
  12. Nika ZorjanUspavanka – Lullaby
  13. Marina MartenssonBlizu
  14. Nuška DraščekNe zapusti me zdaj
  15. Gregor RavnikZdaj je čas
  16. Lea SirkHvala, ne!

EMA 2018 schedule

The semi-final of EMA will take place on Saturday 17 February 2018 in Sudio 1 of TV Slovenija, while the grand final is set for Saturday 24 February 2018. Both shows will start at 20.00 CET.

In the semi-final, 16 contestants will compete for a place in the final: four will proceed through televoting, while four more will be chosen by a professional jury.

Thus, 8 acts will be present in the grand final, where six extra juries may also cast their vote. The extra juries will be made up out of music performers and artists, producers, a radio jury, a Eurovision-fans jury and an international jury.

All songs will be sung in Slovenian.

How to watch or listen

  • TV Slovenija Program 1
  • RTV 4D
  • Val 202
  • Radio Maribor
  • Radio Koper

Slovenia in Eurovision

Slovenia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993 with IX Band and is yet to win the competition. In 2017 Omar Naber represented Slovenia in Kyiv with On my way.