Norway compeition boss backs Bjorkman

by Tom Espen Hansen 64 views

In an interview with competition producer of Melodi Grand Prix, Norway's national selection showPer Sundnes, he revealed his thoughts about the Eurovision Song Contest and the big story of today: Sweden's elimination from the competition last night and differences between Melodi Grand Prix and Melodifestivalen.

I think the main problem with Melodifestivalen is the juries that pick the 28 songs that goes through to the semi finals. People have different opinions, and there are too many mediocre songs, that recieves 4-6 points from each jury member. This results in a low range of variety in the songs going through, and although it's the peoples decision who reaches the final, it makes it difficult to vote. There are too many similar songs to vote for, and the votes split between two or more acts. For example this year we had the battle between Ola and Eric Saade, none of them could win because the songs appealed to the same kind of voters.

In Norway the production team has a lot more to say when selecting the songs. It is less democratic, but then we can secure that 'niche' songs like the ones from Keep of Kalessin and Didrik Sollie-Tangen actually get a chance to reach the people who are voting. This way Norway's entries the past years have been successful becouse they are something special. All of the latest winners in Norway have been invited especially byNRK to compete in the competition. It is not for sure that they would have gone through to the final if a jury was to decide.

So actually, Christer Björkman should have more to say in Melodifestivalen instead of beeing too democratic, Per Sundnes states. But he adds that he is sure that Sweden will raise again, and produce lots of good Eurovision songs in the future.