BigPoll predicts second semi final Qualifiers

by Benny Royston 86 views

The BigPoll 2010 has now had more than 85,000 predictions made. The poll has closed for the second semi final and our readers have once again made their predictions. You can see the ten predicted qualifiers below.

The BigPoll is the largest and most accurate prediction tool for the Eurovision Song COntest. Readers and members have been predicting the outcome of each semi final, and the results are grouped geographically and then worked out based on the Eurovision Song Contest scoring Prediction.

The prediction tool has correctly predicted the winning Eurovision Song Contest entry five times in seven years. Last year it predicted the winning song, along with 19 of the 20 semi final qualifiers.

The 10 songs from the second Eurovision Song Contest semi final predicted to qualify tonight are:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Israel
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Armenia
  • Turkey
  • Sweden
  • Romania
  • Ireland
  • Georgia

Ukraine, Switzerland, Cyprus and Bulgaria narrowly missed a place in the top ten in the BigPoll. On Tuesday night, 7 of the 10 predictions in the poll were correct.

You can watch a video summary of the BigPoll 2010 results, thanks to Aarohn Way