Switzerland: Zibbz wins the Entscheidungsshow 2018!

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What a night in Zurich! The Swiss representative to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon has been decided. It’s Zibbz, with the song Stones.

The Entscheidungsshow 2018 is over. The Swiss national selection has delivered its verdict. Zibbz will flag the Swiss colours at the forthcoming Eurovision in the first semi-final on 8 May in Lisbon.

The winner was announced after a little less than two hours of intense show in the studios of Swiss broadcaster SRF in Zurich.

The bidding acts

Six contestants were competing in this national final. Here is the running order:

  1. Zibbz – Stones
  2. Angie Ott – A thousand times
  3. Naeman – Kiss me
  4. Chiara Dubey – Secrets and lies
  5. Alejandro Reyes – Compass
  6. Vanessa Iraci – Redlights

The opening of the show was ensured by Miruna. The frontwoman of the group Timebelle (Switzerland, 2017) delivered a solid performance of Apollo. She was accompanied by the band Jugendmusik Kreuzlingen.

The night also saw an emotional tribute to Salvador Sobral‘s Amar pelos dois by Leticia Carvalho.

The winner

Tonight’s winner was decided via a  50/50 combined vote; 50% by a public televote, and the remaining 50%  by a jury vote. Seven international juries were involved. Here is how they voted:

  • Albania: 12 points to Zibbz, 10 to Vanessa Iraci, 8 to Alejandro Reyes, 6 to Angie Ott
  • Armenia: 12 points to Vanessa Iraci, 10 to Alejandro Reyes,8 to Zibbz, 6 to Angie Ott
  • France: 12 points to Alejandro Reyes, 10 to Zibbz, 8 to Vanessa Iraci, 6 to Chiara Dubey
  • Germany: 12 points to Alejandro Reyes, 10 to Zibbz, 8 to Angie Ott, 6 to Naeman
  • Iceland: 12 points to Zibbz, 10 to Alejandro Reyes, 8 to Chiara Dubey, 6 to Angie Ott
  • Israel: 12 points to Zibbz, 10 to Alejandro Reyes, 8 to Chiara Dubey, 6 to Vanessa Iraci
  • Italy: 12 points to Zibbz, 10 to Alejandro Reyes, 8 to Naeman, 6 to Vanessa Iraci

This was the ranking after the jury vote.


The suspense was real until the public televote was announced by Sven Epiney, the host of the show.

Here is how the Swiss public voted:

  1. Zibbz – 77 points
  2. Alejandro Reyes – 48 points
  3. Chiara Dubey – 44 points
  4. Angie Ott – 39 points
  5. Vanessa Iraci – 25 points
  6. Naeman – 19 points


Finally, Zibbz was declared winner of the Entscheidungsshow 2018 with 153 points.

Here are the final results in details:

  1. Zibbz – Stones – 153 points
  2. Alejandro Reyes – Compass – 120 points
  3. Vanessa Iraci – Redlights – 67 points
  4. Chiara Dubey – Secrets and lies – 66 points
  5. Angie Ott – A thousand times – 65 points
  6. Naeman – Kiss me – 33 points

Therefore, it is Zibbz who will fly to Lisbon to represent Switzerland in the second half of the first semi final on 8 May 2018!

The ESCToday poll

Ahead of the national final, the readers of ESCToday voted their favourite entry of the Entscheidungsshow 2018. Here are the results:

  1. ZIBBZ – Stones – 46%
  2. Alejandro Reyes – Compass – 17%
  3. Vanessa Iraci – Redlights – 14%
  4. Chiara Dubey – Secrets and lies – 12%sw
  5. Angie Ott – A thousand times – 7%
  6. Naeman – Kiss me – 5%

Watch the live performance in Zurich of the Swiss representative in Lisbon here:

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