meet Mr & Mrs Lithuania

by Russell Davies 236 views

Following the first dress rehearsal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, meet with the lead singer of InCulto, Jurgis Didziulis and his lovely wife Erica Jennings. Erica is known to Eurovison fans as one of the singers in the group Skamp, who represented Lithuania in the 2002 contest with You got style.

Jurgis spoke about how he finds it impossible to fake it either on stage or with his wife. Eirca compared the contest in Copenhagen to this year's event in Oslo. The couple discussed the possibility of working musically together in the future and the fantastic support they are getting from the Lithuanian people. To conclude the interview Jurgis sang his version of You got style and Erica sang Eastern European Funk especially for

The Jurgis and Erica interview: