France: The story behind the French Eurovision 2018 entry Mercy

by Roy Knoops 4,422 views

The French duo Madame Monsieur won the French selection with Mercy, a song inspired by a tragic true story.

Madame Monsieur, comprised out of the couple Émilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lucas, will represent France with the endearing chanson Mercy. The emotions evoked by vocalist Émilie Satt were inspired by a real-life tragedy – a tragedy which is, sadly, not uncommon in modern-day Europe.

The story of Mercy

The song Mercy is presented from the viewpoint of a new-born baby, who longs for a safe home. And yes, Mercy really exists.

She was born in March 2017 on a boat of Nigerian refugees who were rescued on the Mediterranean Sea. Mercy’s mother was in labour and after being rescued by SOS Méditerranée, on their way to safe haven in Sicily, little Mercy was born on the boat.

Mercy and her mother were lucky to have survived the horrific journey, one of the many tragedies which are part and parcel of the European migrant crisis. Many other refugees were not so lucky: various people, including mothers and newborn infants, died due to hardships, or drowned.

In the midst of all the hardships, Mercy’s story is a beacon of hope. Madame Monsieur are sure to do Mercy’s story honour on the Eurovision stage!