An emotional day for the Latvian delegation

by Victor Hondal 67 views

Yesterday, May 18th, the Latvian delegation visited a day care center and a school in Oslo. The country's representative, Aisha, had the chance to share some minutes with children, who were really interested about her and her country.

May 18th will be remembered by the whole of the Latvian delegation as one of the most emotional days of their stay in Oslo. Children were really thrilled about the visit of a national Eurovision representative to their school.

As Aisha tells, kids in the day care center showed a true interest for both her, her song and the country she comes from. The Latvian representative taught the schoolboys to say their names in Latvian, played games with them, and even sang a traditional Latvian song together with her backing vocalists. According to Aisha, there was "a moment that left us speechless – the little singing birds sing What for for us. Listening to the song performed by them we really get the goose bumps all over".

During the Latvian visit to the Snaroya school, which participated in the project Get to know the Eurovision countries, organised by the local council. A concert were awaiting them: "Eurovision medley with ABBA, Alexander Rybak and other known songs. A choir consisting of students from 4 classes takes the stage singing the songs of May 17, the National Day. And, of course, as a dessert, a new version of What for follows which is to be sung twice – the second time together with me and the back vocalists. The concert is concluded with signing autographs – the crowd gets so big that the P.E teacher must intrude and be my bodyguard", Aisha says.

Latvia will participate in the first semifinal of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, on May 25th.

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