Germany's Lena comments on threat

by Benny Royston 113 views

Germany are the current bookies favourite to win the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with the charismatic Lena Meyer-Landrut representing the country with the song Satellite written by Julie Frost and John Gordon. During a recent television interview, Lena produced a comedy moment when asked about Germany's biggest threat to winning the competition.

When the interviewer says that they will look at Lena's competition and says that the British bookies say that Azerbaijan's Safura is the big threat, Lena made a comment that has become a Youtube hit with Eurovision Song Contest fans.

You can watch Lena's reply to the interviewer comments below. During the interview, Lena's humour and enthusiasm come through, showing that she has the character to become a star as well as the voice that won her the Unser Satr für Oslo show talent show and her ticket to Olso.

Lena Meyer-Landrut has become a fan hit and is expected to challenge for victory in the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday 29th May according to media in the press centre in Oslo and book makers across Europe. It is the first time that Germany has led the betting race since 1994 when Mekado entered with the song Wir geben'ne party.