Belgian rehearsal was back to basic after t.A.T.u.

by Sietse Bakker 250 views

After the shocking rehearsal and press conference of the t.A.T.u. girls, the rehearsal of Urban Trad with Sanomi was back to basic again. Or to say it better… back to professionalism!

Before the rehearsal the singers did voice training, something of which the influence was good on the performance. The rehearsal, in which they performed the song five times, went okay, although it's unknown to us why they performed five times instead of the usual three.

During the press conference, the Head of Delegation of broadcaster RTBF Mr. Pierre Meyer told more about the selection procedure, which was internally: “After the low result in 2000 we analysed the situation and decided to do it different. To be honest, all participants in a national selection are amateurs because well respected artists will not submit songs. That's why we decided to keep it internally”, he said.

The situation about the singer who stayed at home because of the suggestion she had extreme right-wing sympathies was not a point op discussion during the press conference.

Click here to view photos of the first Belgian rehearsal

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