Russian rehearsal and conference went problematic

by Sietse Bakker 257 views

The rehearsal of the t.A.T.u. girls went not as the others. The girls sang false, there was no act at all and the press conference ended up as a complete mess. Is it to confuse the audience and the press or… ?

During the rehearsal, Yulia stopped singing all the time while Elena went on. The girls were just standing on the stage doing nothing but singing a little, which was sometimes even false.

The press attention during the rehearsel was overwhelming, just like the attention from the LTV and EBU staff. During the 'performance' the usage of light is limited to many white spots on the grey stage, under the stage floor images appear of a vulcano from the top.

During the press conference there was huge attention again, so many that the EBU people had to send photographers and cameramen to other places. During the press conference there was applause sometimes, but also boo-calling.

Soon we will publish a detailed photo gallery! Stay tuned for more

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