En una vida wins Best song award

by Marcus Klier 78 views

Over the last few weeks, the voting in the esctoday.com National Final Awards took place. More than twice as many people as last year took part in the voting and today it is time to reveal the results in the remaining three categories, the big ones. We continue with Best song not to qualify for Eurovision.

The esctoday.com National Final Award for Best song goes to…

En una vida (Spain)
music and lyrics by Antonio Sánchez Ohlsson, Thomas G: Son
and Andreas Rickstrand

En una vida was performed by Coral Segovia in the Spanish national final. The song finished second being the runner-up favourite of both the jury and the televoters.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= c8pW3uwmvGw

This award is given out for the second time and it is the first time that this award is won by Spain and it is also the first time that this award is won by a ballad. Last year, it went to the song Stay the night written by Andreas Lundstedt, Therese Merkel, Lina Hedlund, Anders Hansson & Mårten Sandén and performed by Alcazar.

The full results in all categories will be revealed tomorrow. Later today, we will announce the winner in the remaining category Best national final.