Italy: Francesca Michielin unveils new album 2640

by Eleanor Cooper 834 views

The Italian participant in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Francesca Michielin, has released a new album, 2640.

The album, 2640, mainly consists of pop music, but with a more mature tone. There are also Brazilian influences which can be heard, as Francesca Michielin enjoyed her tour of the country a few years ago and pays tribute to the country in her latest album.

Music meets sport

Francesca is a huge fan of sports; she is an avid Juventus fan, and recently sung the Italian national anthem before the Monaco Grand Prix. Her closing song on the album is called Alonso, after the Spanish Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso.

The lyrics of the song talks of the sacrifices parents make for their children, and other family issues, but using Alonso as an inspiration.

Check out Francesca’s newest album in full below!

Michielin at Eurovision 2016

Francesca Michielin represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song No degree of separation. She finished in 16th place with 124 points.

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