Russia: Julia Samoylova speaks of Eurovision preparations; ready for Lisbon?

by Jessica Weaver 1,339 views

Russia remains silent as further speculation rises regarding the country’s potential entry for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. With no news out from the official broadcaster as of yet, last year’s initially selected act, Julia Samoylova, has given some further insight into her potential participation.

“After I failed to perform last year, I was guaranteed to participate this year, but the song will have to be changed” – this is what Julia Samoylova reportedly stated in a recent interview regarding Eurovision 2018.

Speaking to Antenna-Telesem about her upcoming Eurovision plans, Samoylova revealed that she, together with her husband Alexei Taran, has composed 2 entries for her potential upcoming participation.

Themes of Samoylova’s song bids

With both entries reportedly already being written and composed, Samoylova revealed further details about the themes of her bidding entries: whilst one entry focusses on a space theme, the second features a story around a fairy tale.

Both entries have reportedly been composed in 3 different languages: Russian, English and Portuguese. However, the singer is yet to make a decision on which language she would perform in on the Lisbon-stage.

The Russian-singer also spoke of a potential new look and style if she were to appear on the Eurovision stage, revealing that she wants to move away from the style she became known for during her X Factor participation.

No more typical classic looks for Samoylova, who wants to revert to a more modern style in the brand new year!

Eurovision 2018 in sight?

Whilst Samoylova continues to speak of her hopes for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, the Russian national broadcaster – Channel One – has yet to reveal their plans for the upcoming event.

Since 2008, the Russian broadcasters – Russia 1 and Channel One – have opted to alternate their artist selection process between the 2 broadcasters: whilst Russia 1 would select during even years, Channel One would determine the country’s act during odd-ending years.

However following last year’s unfortunately Russian withdrawal from the competition, it was decided that Channel One would once again be given the opportunity to select the country’s act for Eurovision 2018.

Samoylova’s bid at the Eurovision 2017, Flame is burning: Read more about her newest video

Whilst it was suggested that Samoylova would be given the opportunity to represent Russia at the 2018 event, there has been no official news from the national broadcaster regarding this year’s competition, with further news expected over the coming weeks.

Channel One and Russia have until mid- to late-March to determine their act for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, with the country’s official representative set to compete in one of the 2 semi-finals on either the 8 or 10 May.