Lithuania: Sasha Song releases Akimirką šią

by Stefano 702 views

Lithuania’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow is back. Sasha Song recently released his last work Akimirką šią.

He received the maximum score during the Lithuanian national final in 2009. With his song Pasiklydęs žmogus, he represented the Baltic country at the Eurovision in Moscow reaching the Grand Final.

Sasha Song’s last work is Akimirką šią. Discover it here!

A Eurovision lover

After his successful attempt in 2009, Sasha Song has since entered the Lithuanian national selection for Eurovision a few more times. The last time, in 2017, he reached the semi-finals of Eurovizija with the song Never felt like this before.

Watch again the performance of Sasha Song on the Eurovision stage in Moscow.