Sweden: Kikki Danielsson proposed as ambassador of Växjö

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Swedish artist and multiple Melodifestivalen and Eurovision participant, Kikki Danielsson, has been put forward as a potential ambassador of the city Växjö.

Kikki Danielsson grew up in a foster home in Älmhult near Växjö, and a proposal has been submitted to Växjö’s municipal council to proclaim Kikki as ambassador of the municipality.

According to the proposition:

She described that time as her happiest in life. She really loves Växjö! She could provide a lot for young people who want to move here.

However, the municipal council is not fully convinced as yet. This has nothing to do with Kikki Danielsson, who they recognize is an important musical icon, but because of the fact that Växjö already has 18 ambassadors.

Among the city’s celebrity ambassadors is artist Charlotte Perrelli (as Charlotte Nilsson Eurovision 1999 winner with Take me to your heaven and 18th at Eurovision 2008 with Hero).

Kikki Danielsson will certainly be considered to become Växjö’s ambassador in the future.

The singer has experience as special ambassador: in 2001 she was named ambassador of Osby, the town near which she was born and were she had her musical breakthrough with the group Wizex.

In fact, her upcoming Melodifestivalen 2018 entry Osby Tennessee was inspired by her native town.

Moreover, Kikki Danielsson has lived in Bollnäs for many years, praising the beauty of the region Hälsingland – choice enough for Kikki to become cultural ambassador!

About Kikki Danielsson

Kikki Danielsson (born Elsie Ann-Kristin Ros, Osby, 1952) is a beloved Swedish singer, whose popularity spreads to all of Scandinavia. As a young child she was adopted by a family in Älmhult, living on a farm.

Kikki Danielsson sings in a variety of styles, but became predominantly known as a country singer, even having her own show Kikki i Nashville (Kikki in Nashville) in 1986.

She has notably participated in Melodifestivalen, Sweden’s selection for Eurovision, nine times, and once in Norway’s Eurovision selection Melodi Grand Prix – as a solo-artist and as part of the groups Wizex, Sweets ‘n Chips, Chips, and Kikki, Bettan & Lotta (alongside co-Eurovision veterans Elisabeth Adreassen and Lotta Engberg).

From these selections, she won twice, thus representing Sweden at two occasions: at Eurovision 1982 in Harrogate, the United Kingdom, as part of the group Chips (which also included Swedish-Norwegian singer Elisabeth Andreassen), placing 8th with 67 points with their entry Dag efter dag (Day after day); and on home soil in 1985 as solo-artist, placing 3rd in Stockholm with her entry Bra vibrationer (Good vibrations), receiving 103 points.

Incidentally, the Eurovision 1985 winner was the duo Bobbysocks! from Norway, comprised out of singers Hanne Krogh and Elisabeth Andreassen – Kikki Danielsson’s former band member in Chips.

Kikkie Danielsson will partake in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen for the tenth time in 2018, competing with the song Osby Tennessee.

Enjoy Chips (with Kikki Danielsson) at Eurovision 1982 and Kikki Danielsson at Eurovision 1985: