OGAE Italy: Norway, 12 points

by Victor Hondal 128 views

OGAE Italy are next to announce their verdict on the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest participating songs. The host nation, Norway, represented by Didrik Solli-Tangen gets 12 points from the Italian branch of the OGAE network, followed by Denmark and Croatia, taking 10 and 8 points respectively.

OGAE Italy are the tenth club to vote in the international fan club poll for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. This is the way the Italian fans rate their favourites this year:

12 points: Norway
10 points: Denmark
8 points: Croatia
7 points: Israel
6 points: Ireland
5 points: Switzerland
4 points: Bulgaria
3 points: Armenia
2 points: Spain
1 point: Romania

Just missing out: Greece, Sweden and Turkey.

Denmark remains in the lead of the scoreboard after the Italian OGAE members have voted, 14 points ahead of Croatia, which now occupies the second place. Spain and Ireland swap places, being 4th and 3rd at the moment, respectively. Israel climbs from 8th to 5th position and Bulgaria receives its first set of 4 points.

The Scoreboard

Denmark 61
Croatia 47
Ireland 45
Spain 43
Israel 43
Iceland 42
Armenia 41
Germany 39
Norway 39
Slovakia 25
Albania 21
Sweden 19
Azerbaijan 19
Switzerland 19
Greece 15
Belgium 11
Turkey 11
Lithuania 10
France 7
Romania 7
The Netherlands 4
Bulgaria 4
Moldova 3
Ukraine 3
Serbia 2

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OGAE Norway
OGAE Slovenia
OGAE Greece
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