OGAE Slovenia: 12 points to Ireland

by Benny Royston 100 views

OGAE Slovenia are the seventh club to announce the results of their branch vote for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. They have given Ireland their second douze points of the year, with Norway taking second place and Denmark in third. Serbia also pick up their first points of the campaign.

The full OGAE Slovenia result:

12 points: Ireland
10 points: Norway
8 points: Denmark
7 points: Iceland
6 points: Israel
5 points: Croatia
4 points: Sweden
3 points: Greece
2 points: Serbia
1 point : Slovakia

Just missing out: Albania, United Kingdom and Armenia.

The results see Denmark take a clear lead of eight points after seven rounds of voting. Ireland become the first country to receive a second set of top marks, taking the Celtic Tiger nation up to second place. Croatia move up to third, and Germany, with no points form Slovenia, drop from joint top to fourth place, just a point ahead of Iceland. Serbia score their first points of the campaign.

The Scoreboard

Denmark 41
Ireland 36
Croatia 35
Germany 33
Iceland 32
Norway 27
Armenia 26
Israel 26
Spain 23
Albania 21
Sweden 18
Azerbaijan 16
Slovakia 13
Belgium 11
Turkey 11
Lithuania 10
Greece 9
France 7
Moldova 3
Ukraine 3
Serbia 2
Romania 1

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