Alf Poier keeps his promises

by Aija Medinika 290 views

Alf Poier, the entrant of Austria, had the first rehearsal and the press conference today in the Skonto Hall.

Alf Poier attracted journalists' attention by arriving at the press conference with seven hats on, taking along with him various elements for amusing the journalists. He has also brought with him the ant-hill, the present for Gundars Bojars, the Mayor of Riga City Council .

He commented his song “Man is the Measure of all Things/Weil der Mensch zahlt”:“I didn't come to Europe to bring the peace. Europe is now spiritual and physical Hirosima. I am the holy clown who will speak the truth. With the help of my song I will try to pour milk in the thirsty mouthes of Europe”.

Alf Poier said:“People should not vote for my song, but for the spiritual message embodied in it.”

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