Introducing 2010: Azerbaijan

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All songs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 have been selected. During the weeks between the national final season and the actual Eurovision Song Contest, we will introduce all 39 entries in random order. Part twenty-seven of the series is dedicated to the Azerbaijani entry.

Basic information

Performer: Safura
Song: Drip drop
Language: English
Music: Anders Bagge, Stefan Örn
Lyrics: Sandra Bjurman
Draw: 7th in the second semi final

The song

Drip drop is a mid-tempo R&B style pop song. Through the lyrics of the song, the singer questions if she can love her man anymore or if she should break up with him:

I think I know, and it's breaking my heart
Am I in or am I out?

I don't know how to stop, how to stop
These teardrops
That drip drop drip drop
(And) drip drop drip drop

The performer

Safura �lizad� has been singing since she was a child, but she became famous in Azerbaijan when she competed in the eighth season of the talent show Yene ulduz, which she would also win. She is a music school graduate who majored in violin but she also plays saxophone. Furthermore, she is also designing outfits for herself.

In 2010, Safura competed in the Azerbaijani national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest and she was chosen to represent the country in Oslo. Her song was later confirmed to be Drip drop.

The songwriters

The Azerbaijani entry was written by the Swedish-Icelandic team of Anders Bagge (music), Stefan Örn (music) and Sandra Bjurman (lyrics). Anders Bagge has worked with many different artists all over the world. Among others, he has co-written and produced songs for artists like Madonna (Get together), Jennifer Lopez (Love don't cost a thing), Robyn, Take That, 1988 Eurovision Song Contest winner Céline Dion, 1988 Luxembourgeois representative Lara Fabian, 2008 German representatives No Angels and 1997 host Ronan Keating.

The national selection

The Azerbaijani national final was held over two live shows. In the semi final, six acts performed own songs, which were still not in the running to represent the country in Oslo. Three acts were chosen by the jury to compete in the final. Each act performed three different songs in the final and a total of four different song took part. At the end of the final, it was announced that Safura would represent Azerbaijan but her song had not been chosen yet. It was later confirmed that Drip drop was the song the jury went for.

Azerbaijan in the Eurovsion Song Contest

Azerbaijan is the youngest member of the Eurovision Song Contest family competing this year as the country debuted in 2008. After an eighth place in Belgrade, Azerbaijan finished second in the second semi final and third in the final in Moscow.

Biz küsÉ�nmÉ�k AzÉ�rbaycan da Safura Æ�lizadÉ� yaxÅ�ı nÉ�ticÉ�yÉ� nail olmaq içÉ�ri Oslo!


Live performance in the national final:

The provisional preview video:

Performing Soz ver in the semi final:

Cover version of Beyoncé's Listen:

Tomorrow, we will take a look at the entry of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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