Spanish stars will shine at Euroschlager Party!

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 63 views

OGAE Spain is more than proud and honoured to announce that Coral, Mirela and Anael will be all attending and performing at the 1st Spanish Euroschlager party scheduled to be held in Madrid on the 23rd of April, much to the Spanish Eurovision fans delight.

OGAE Spain will be organizing the 1st Euroschlager Party on Spanish soil, on the 23rd of April in Madrid at the Studio 54. 3 Spanish divas who have competed in the Spanish Eurovision national finals will be doing the honours of attending the event and treating their fans with their songs and presence. Coral, Mirela and Anael are all set to conquer the fans.

Coral has participated in the Spanish Eurovisision national finals several times, having achieved a 2nd placing 2 times (2008 and 2010). This year she was the hot favourite among the Spanish Eurovision fans to win the Spanish national final, having won the internet selection. She won the Benidorm Song Contest some years back. He powerful voice and and unique personality are sure to make this a promising night!

Mirela is another name which will be familiar to Eurovision fans, having participated in the Eurojunior Spanish selection and achieving a 2nd placing. She has competed at the Spanish Eurovision national selections several times, having achieved a 2nd placing in the Mision Eurovision final with the song La reina de la noche in 2007. Her elegance and sweet voice is sure to enchant everyone!

Anael is another artist who has tried to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2007 she was one of the authors behind Una lágrima which competed in the Spanish Eurovision national final. She shined in 2008 when she released her song Thinking. Both her sweetness and simplicity on stage along with her vocal skills have gained her much acclaim and name.