Lithuania: The InCulto interview

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InCulto, the Lithuanian representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, are preparing for Oslo travelling all around Europe. Despite their heavy schedule, the lead singer of the band Jurgis Did�¾iulis has met to speak about what to expect from Lithuania this year.

Jurgis, it's a little bit more than one month to go to the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo. How is the band feeling?

We are very excited, happy and exhausted at the same time! We came back from Oslo, where we were promoting our entry "Eastern European Funk", in the night from Thursday to Friday so we are spending our time in Lithuania for relaxing. But in general we are feeling great, thank you!

Tell us more about the trip to Oslo. How was it?

It went splendid! We have done and seen even more than expected. By the way, we are the first singers from this year's contest that have promoted their entry in the host city. During the trip we gave live performances at the Queens Pub and Hard Rock Cafe. On May 25 we will come back to Hard Rock Cafe and give another concert. The same night the first semi final of contest will be screened there as well! Of course we gave several interviews, we met the Lithuanian ambassador in Norway and Oslo's Commissioner for Culture. Besides that we visited Telenor Arena! So as I said – everything went amazingly well.

This year you are promoting Lithuanian entry very intensively. What are the upcoming trips for InCulto?

This week we are going to visit Caucasus countries – Armenia and Georgia. Later on we will be hitting several Balkan countries, Ukraine, Lithuania's neighbours Latvia and Estonia. By the end of May InCulto is going to appear in Eurovision in Concert which will be held in Zaanstad (Netherlands).This will be an amazing opportunity to meet other Eurovision contestants. Also we have a plan to go to the annual Eurovision Preview Party in London, but it's not confirmed yet. For the moment that's it but we are still looking for other promotion opportunities in European countries.

After your victory in the national Lithuanian final a letter from unknown person was sent to the Lithuanian media representatives telling that your entry should be disqualificated because of the lyrics. It was said that you are singing political lyrics which is against Eurovision's rules. What was your reaction?

It was a surprise for us as we personally don't find the song's lyrics political at all. This was something that happens every year in Lithuania after the public chooses their representative for Eurovision. This is something that didn't depend on us and this kind of a statement didn't shock me too much.

Have you received anykind of support from the national Lithuanian broadcaster (LRT) and Lithuanian government?

Not just yet. We have a few supporters but not as many as we would like to. We are not blaming LRT at all because we do understand that their situation is worse than bad. We should be happy that after all they have decided to participate this year! Regarding Lithuanian government – we heard that some kind of financial support should reach us but everything is still under investigations and discussions. So for the moment I cannot tell if they will give us some money for the preparations.

Are you following the pre-Eurovision predictions and foreign fans' reactions?

Not really. First of all this is because we don't have much time for this. Also I believe that we should wait for the Eurovision night – everything will be much more clear than now looking at those predictions.

Do you have your favorites from this year's Eurovision contestants?

Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to see all contestants so far. I just can say that I personally like Germany.

Is some support team coming to Oslo to cheer you up during the Eurovision week?

Yes, as far as I'm aware my wife Erica Jennings (lead singer of Skamp, Lithuanian 2001) is coming to Oslo. My father who lives in Colombia will be heading for Oslo as well as some friends and journalists from Lithuania. It's a great pleasure to know from you that 15 OGAE Lithuania members are coming to Oslo as well!

Can you reveal which act is your favorite Lithuanian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest ever?

Without any doubts I should mention my wife Erica, should I? Also LT United were outstanding, they were different and I liked it. Anyway, I think that InCulto with Welcome to Lithuania would have done better that year (in 2006 InCulto took second place in the national Lithuanian final)!

What about this year's national preselection – did you have any favorites?

I think it's a huge shame that Donatas Montvydaswas disqualified straight after his victory in the semi final. But there's nobody to blame about this, only the singer himself. I think that him, Aiste Pilvelyte and InCulto would have been fighting for the ticket to Oslo. About national finals' veteran Aiste Pilvelyte – I love her voice, I love the way she looks but I didn't like her song. In fact I don't understand why such an amazing singer shows up only during preselections for Eurovision. I would like to see her in concerts all year long!

What kind of preparations are taking place besides the promotion tour? Is something going to be changed?

Mainly everything will remain the same as at the national final. We are looking forward to deliver our message in the same manner. Our message is to see everyone having fun! Also we are preparing our instruments for Oslo although we are not going to appear with them during our performance. We are looking forward to perform with the instruments during Eurovision parties. We promise we will have fun, so will you!

What are the plans after Eurovision?

We have already ordered a few weeks of vacations after Eurovision. Other plans are unknown yet, but we are definitely going to have some work off time!

InCulto- Eastern European Funk

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