Lithuania: InCulto travelling around Europe

by Arvydas Makselis 47 views

InCulto, the Lithuanian hopefuls in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, start their promo tour. They are planning to visit as many European countries – in all of the continent's regions – as possible. They are bringing to this tour their symbolical message – making people dance not only in Lithuania, but also all over Europe.

Right after Easter, InCulto kicked off for their promo tour. The first destination is yet symbolical – Oslo. This isn't the only place for the band's promo tour. After Oslo they are going to visit Caucasus countries, Baltic states and the Balkans. InCulto are also looking forward to visit Eastern, Central and Western Europe. The promo tour is planned to be concluded in the begining of May.

This seems to be a tight schedule but the band is totally prepared and excited about the upcoming challenge. Just before Easter InCulto spent two days doing 88 live performances in different Vilnius' offices. They started their unusual performances at 8:00 in the morning and ended them at 5:00 in the afternoon. "The biggest audience we had during those 88 performances was 120 people in one office. We also had a chance to play in some offices where only one person was attending our performances! We feel as we have achieved an unofficial world record", stated InCulto.

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