San Marino: Irol confirmed as third national selection wildcard

by Jessica Weaver 1,537 views

The third and final wild for the forthcoming Sammarinese national selection has been confirmed this evening by the country’s national broadcaster, SMRTV.

Throughout the past number of weeks, San Marino has been busy searching for the candidates set to compete in the country’s first ever national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The first 2 wildcards were confirmed earlier this month following 2 different sets of votes: Emma Sandström received the fan club wildcard, whilst Giovanni Montalbano received the second wildcard following an online vote.

And the third wildcard is…

Last month, SMRTV confirmed that the final wildcard for the national selection would be presented to a Sammarinese artist.

Revealed today during a news segment via the national broadcaster, former 3-time Sammarinese representative – Valentina Monetta – unveiled the name of the final wildcard act: Irol.

A good friend of Monetta, Irol will compete in the country’s national selection alongside the first 2 wildcards, together with the 7 other soon-to-be announced artists. Ten artists will compete in the debut Sammarinese selection in total.

The remaining 7 finalists are expected to be unveiled by 1 in 360 and SMRTV in due course.

Selection kick-off next month

January sees the beginning of the shows for San Marino’s upcoming national selection, in which a total of 6 episodes will air in the search for the micro-nation’s next Eurovision artist.

The Sammarinese selection will run throughout January right through to February, where the winner and eventual representative will be determined for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

As well as becoming San Marino’s Eurovision entry, the winner of the selection will be offered a record contract by 1 in 360, earning the chance of recording an entire album.