San Marino: Third wildcard act to be Sammarinese

by Stefano 1,527 views

New details have been revealed concerning the brand new national selection of San Marino. The micro-state is undertaking an innovative and extremely interesting selection process. Needless to say, Eurofans are thrilled.

After the announcements concerning the first two wildcards for the selection of the 10 finalists of the Talent Show, details were revealed about the third and last wildcard. This will be from a Sammarinese act among those who entered the selection.

The Sammarinese national broadcaster SMRTV and 1 in 360 will allocate a wildcard to ensure that one act in the final comes from the landlocked republic.

The composition of the selection is now complete

The wildcard selection will be announced on 15 December. As a reminder, Eurovision fans clubs will determine the first wildcard. Internauts will have their say on the second wildcard between 1 and 10 of December. Finally, the remaining seven spots will be selected jointly by SMRTV and 1 in 360 among the hundreds of submitted song.

A total of 7 shows will be broadcast via internet and satellite between January and February. The shows will be hosted by Nick Earles and Kristin Stein. The 2018 Sammarinese entry and act will be determined by late February during a televised live national selection.