Introducing 2010: Russia

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All songs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 have been selected. During the weeks between the national final season and the actual Eurovision Song Contest, we will introduce all 39 entries in random order. Part five of the series is dedicated to the Russian entry.

Basic information

Performers: Peter Nalitch & Friends (��з�кал�н�й коллек�ив �е��а �али�а)
Song: Lost and forgotten
Language: English
Music: Peter Nalitch (���� �али�)
Lyrics: Peter Nalitch (���� �али�)
Draw: 2nd in the first semi final

The song

Lost and forgotten is highly ironical and the song picks up many clichés of break-up songs, which is reflected in both the music and the lyrics. The English is intentionally broken in an attempt not to hide the singer's mother tongue:

Would you believe
Lord of mercy would you be… saa…
Lord, LordI wanna love her now
And I wanna fill sic that now
All of those kisses and sweet embraces

Here am I, lost and forgotten
For this cruel, cruel time when I'm first time in love
Now that is why I say
Lord of mercy
And i hope now that you here sic me
Oh yeah…

The performers and the songwriter

Peter Nalitch, a former architect, became famous in early 2007, when he put a video on youtube, which showed him performing his song Guitar. The humourous song gained popularity quickly and the video has been watched by more than three million people by now. Gitar launched Peter Nalitch's trademark humour and broken English and led to some media coverage both in Russia and abroad. His first concert in public was a success and he was soon joined by five musicians and from now on, they have performed under the name Ð�Ñ�зÑ�калÑ�нÑ�й коллекÑ�ив Ð�еÑ�Ñ�а Ð�алиÑ�а – "Music group of Peter Nalitch". In English, they call themselves Peter Nalitch & Friends.

Besides Peter Nalitch, who performs the lead vocals and plays piano and accordeon, the band consists of Yuriy Kostenko (ЮÑ�ий Ð�оÑ�Ñ�енко – flute, saxophone), Denis Marinkin (Ð�ениÑ� Ð�аÑ�инкин – drums), Dima Simonov (Ð�има Симонов – bass guitar), Sergej Sokolov (СеÑ�гей Соколов – domra) and Kosta Shvetsov (Ð�оÑ�Ñ�Ñ� ШвеÑ�ов – guitar). All their songs are available for free download on the band's official website. Although their first album was also released physically, most of the band's profit comes from their live concerts all over Russia.

In 2010, Peter Nalitch and his band entered the Russian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. At the end of the voting, they were the clear winners and they will therefore appear in Oslo with their song Lost and forgotten.

The national selection

It was the turn of broadcaster RTR to select the Russian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. In a national final similar to that of 2008, 25 acts presented one song each and the winners were chosen by a mixture of televoting and jury voting. Peter Nalitch & Friends were the clear favourites.

Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Russia entered the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 and despite a debutin the top ten, mediocre placings followed in 1995 and 1997 as well as an elimination in the 1996 internal semi final. This turnedwiththe year 2000, whenRussia finished second in Stockholm. In the last decade, Russiawon once, finished secondtwice and third twice making it one of the most successful countries in recent years.

Ð�Ñ� желаем ÐоÑ�Ñ�ии и Ð�еÑ�Ñ�Ñ� Ð�алиÑ�Ñ� Ñ�даÑ�и и Ñ�Ñ�пеÑ�ов на Ð�вÑ�овидении в Ð�Ñ�лo!


Performance in the national final/Preview video:

Peter Nalitch with Guitar:


Tomorrow, we will take a look at the Bulgarian entry.

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