Alf Poier flies to Riga – dressed as a cat

by Oliver Rau 234 views

Alf Poier left Vienna this afternoon to fly to Riga, where he will perform the austrian entry to this year's Eurovision Song Contest on May 24th. When checking in, he wore a cat's mask, while his manager was dressed as a bird. His entry Weil der Mensch zählt is about animals.

In a recent interview he promised more spectacles for the Eurovision week in Riga: “I would like to present myself in my seven-hat-topper. At the same time, I like to wear seven shoes. I want to present myself as a surrealistic object.” He also stated that he wants to give Riga's major an ant-hill as a protest against the recent cultural and spiritual state of Europe. Asked about his competitors, he called them “dead people who are standing on the stage in their glitter suits. This is going to be a musical holocaust. The music business has become totally plain.”

Meanwhile, Alf should have landed in Riga. If he passed the passport inspection without problems or if he was taken under quarantine is not known at the moment.