Eurovision 2010: Ian Wright to present 'Eurovision: Countdown'

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British travel reporter, Ian Wright, is set to host the official 'Eurovision: Countdown' series. Three thirty-minute programs will be made by the European Broadcasting Union and NRK, profiling the host country aswell as all 39 entries in this years Eurovision Song Contest .

"We are trying to achieve two things with these programs," says Wright. "Firstly, to present all the 39 contributions, but also to give audiences an insight into the normal north man's life. Where is Norway, and how is it there?" he says.

In an attempt to get answers to all this, Ian hasdelved intoa typical Norwegian average family home, visited a Norwegian food business, and made the trip out into the Norwegian countryside. He also gives viewers the history of Norway in 60 seconds, snoops around in the Eurovision-management editorial to find out more about the Grand Final, he takes a trip out to the arena at Fornebu to find the best seat, and he visits the perfect Eurovision Song Contest party, to mention but a few.

"Moreover, I give some tips for travellers. Like this one, for example, you should take up an extra loan before you come, because it is so expensive here. – Bloody expensive! – Bloody expensive!"quips Wright.

Wright, who normally worksin a lesser glamorous settingthan Eurovision, says he thinksthere is somethingmore daringwith Eurovision.

Television today is vert strict and controlled. What I love about Eurovision is that here, anything can happen. We send 39 countries live on TV in front of the whole of Europe, this is the biggest live event you get today. Eurovision is a breath of fresh air into the television world.

This series – Eurovision: Countdown – has been a dream to create. I had to say it out loud to myself the other day when we were recording, I really have the best job!

Wright believes that he knows the country better than many Norwegians, and points out the humor as one of the reasons why the Norwegians and the English people aregettingalongso well. "You have the same dry humor as us, and it is good. I just love Norway!"

You may notice Ian Wright from the norweigan national finals this year when he profiled Norway from a tourists prospective during the voting intervals.

'Eurovision: Countdown' is a 3 part series made by the European Broadcasting Union previewing the Eurovision Song Contest in which participating broadcasters in each country may chooseto air.

Replay: Watch the Eurovision: Countdown series for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 below…

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